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Funeral plans and prearranged funerals

Funeral plans contain a set of wishes about how a funeral is to be held. They include important details such as burial, cremation and embalming. They should also focus on how best to celebrate the life of the departed.


Most people prefer to make funeral plans with a funeral director. There are many things to consider and we can provide you with ideas, support and advice.

Prearranged Funerals

Although we don’t often think about passing away, many people are choosing to prearrange their funeral. As well as ensuring your funeral will be just as you want it, prearrangement is also a very caring thing to do for your family, removing the burden of making funeral plans at a time of grief.

Prearrangement allows us to carry out your wishes to the letter. You may want to start making a list of things you would like at the ceremony, such as readings, music, flowers or even the catering. We will need you to complete our prearrangement form to ensure the requirements for the registration of a death are accurate.

You’re very welcome to talk to us at any time about prearrangement. We’re also available to see you at home.

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